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Extra Large Magic Water Drawing Mat


Does it bother you when your child doodle with paintbrushes everywhere or draw with a sharp pen? This is the solution!

The mat is made of non-woven fabric and polyester cotton and it is waterproof for children to use water magic pens to draw. A sponge in the middle of the mat is helpful to protect children to wet the floor.

There are several colors on the drawing area and it is helpful to develop children hand-eye coordination and color perception. Magic doodle mat is also a good toy to play with your kid together and create everlasting memories!

Magic doodle mat is inkless and non-toxic, allowing your child to play in a safe and clean environment.

Pen instructions:

  1. Unscrew the doodle pen point
  2. Fill the pen with water
  3. Tighten the pen point
  4. Wait for a few minutes before start painting
  5. Refill the pen with water to reuse

How to play

Just fill the magic pen with water and start doodle on the mat. Patterns will disappear within 10 minutes, depending on the humidity and temperature.

7 colors in the drawing area: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Light Purple, Pink

Full size: 100x70cm / 39.4x27.56in
Play are size: 70x50cm / 27.56x19.69in