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 Why Maraya's Marketplace for Your Registry?

We were there, and we know how hard it is to handle all the upcoming preparations. To save you some of this burden, we provide you with a registry list - easy to manage and share with family and friends.

On top of that, we want to give you something from us -  you can pick one of our three options:

  1. 10% OFF on all orders for your buyers (we will create a special personalized  discount code for you, so you can share it after your registry is created)
  2. 10% Cashback to you on all orders - once your event is over, we will provide you an e-store credit to use for the value of 10% of all purchased products from your registry list
  3. 5% OFF / 5% Cashback Split

NOTE: Do not forget to select the desired "Registry discount option?" option upon registry creation.

Please follow our quick guide for managing your registry HERE

Wishing you all the best with your expected new arrival.