2 in 1 Baby Musical Crib Mobile With Projection

Light music helps your baby easier to fall asleep. Music may even help strengthen premature babies. Music plays a crucial role in ‘wiring’ your baby’s brain for learning. Listening to music will help teach your infant about patterns and sequence, and about rhythm, beat and tone which are useful for problem-solving and reasoning. Early music exposure can help promote critical listening skills, language, and literacy, creativity, and coordination. After turning off the light of the bedroom, the projection can reflect the weak light shadow of stars and the moon, which creates a sleeping environment. Gentle melody helps your baby easier to fall asleep. You can use the remote to turn off the bed mobile. All is going on quietly and will not bother your baby.


  • Plastic hanging parts
  • Helps baby take vision exercise
  • Helps the baby go to sleep faster
  • Sturdy arm easily attaches to any crib
  • Music Box
  • More than 100 Music Melodies (include 'Little Star,' 'Song Of Joy,' ' Edelweiss' and so on.)

Suggestion: Do not hang the bed bell in the same position for a long time, you should change the position of the bed bell every once in a while, which is beneficial for the baby's vision development, also can practice the flexibility of the baby's eyes and the baby will not easily be bored with the bed bell.

Note: According to our test, in the darkroom, the projection can reflect stars and the moon on about 2-3 meters (6.56-9.84 feet) place, and the reflection distance and projection sharpness will be different depending on the room brightness.

The best suspension distance of bed bell is approximately 20cm / 7.87in from the baby's eyes, which is the best distance for the newborn to see things, as the baby's age increases, you can properly raise the position of the bed bell.